Studying in Leeds?

We hope you have a great time…and, of course, work hard!

Students are very welcome at LRBC and we’d love to meet you. As a student, we encourage you to become part of our church family during your time in Leeds. If you want to be involved in any of our church ministries, the opportunity is there, whether you want to serve with children’s work, music, sound or evangelism.

There’s a map here with details of how to find St.Margaret’s Hall where we will be meeting for Sunday Services from the autumn. We also have a minibus service to help you get to St.Margaret’s Hall on a Sunday morning.

After the Sunday morning service we invite our students to join us for lunch at various venues – it’s a great opportunity to get to know other students better as well as being a chance to meet members of the church. Once a month these lunches are held at Cottage Road with a talk / discussion on specific issues (See Young Adults Fellowship).

Our Student Team this year are Felix Kalaba, Nisha Noel, Matty Wells and Dan Johnston, headed up by Roger Barden. Feel free to e-mail them via if you want to know more about LRBC, or just phone the church office.

You can also find out more about our student ministry by visiting This is a website dedicated to helping Christians studying in Leeds and includes information on the Christian Unions that meet at each of the Universities.